The motto of the Asia Institute of Sciences is: 

Knowledge: The first priority of the Institute, staff, lecturers and students is to provide training and education to all with quality, integrity and sustainability.     

Dignity: Our core value is the education, training and professional development of students, lecturers and all involved with the Institute. This will enable us all to live in a stable and prosperous society with dignity and respect.

Prosperity: The most important goal of the Institute is to provide quality education and training to all people irrespective of race, political belief, living standard, gender, which are fundamental to a prosperous career for individuals, families and society. 


National accreditation

With accreditation from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Asia Institute of Sciences launched on 08 August 2012. We have a clear and simple goal: to become the excellent medical training centre to train our students to become qualified, competent, passionate and ethical nurses, midwifes and medical laboratory technicians, and to perform their work successfully with care, respect, and love for all in Cambodia and internationally. Our aim is to help the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia to expand qualified human resources in health care and to improve the quality and delivery of health care services, thus improving the quality of life of Cambodians.