Dr Tan Jit Seng founded Lotus Eldercare Academy (LEA) in 2014. LEA seeks to be a knowledge leader for eldercare training in Asia. It is a not-for-profit social project by Lotus Eldercare.   LEA serves to support and complement care giver training schools across Asia. LEA is presently collaborating with Golden Lotus Training Academy in Yangon, Myanmar and is also looking at collaborating Asia Institute of Sciences, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in sharing our knowledge on Eldercare training.

LEA does not run care-giving courses but seeks to provide medical and care-giving skills knowledge to collaborating schools & institutions.




To provide medical and care-giving skills knowledge for care giver schools

and to support the growth and expertise of care giver schools across Asia


To be the leading institution supporting all care giver schools and institutions in Asia

and to build up an eco system where schools and trainers can be exposed to different care environments.


Achievements / Programs / Activities to date:

April 2014: Collaborated with Noble Lamp Technical Service Co. in their inaugural Specialized Caregiver Training Course, a 168 hour course in a 3 month period to train elder care givers.  LEA helped with setting the curriculum for the course and donated some of the equipment for the school.  LEA also provides certificates for the graduates of the course.

September 2014: Lotus Eldercare Academy Certificate awarding ceremony in International Business Center, Yangon, Myanmar

November 2014: Given a Public talk on ACP, AMD and LPA on behalf of Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) “Make a Lasting Gift – Leave a Legacy” seminar

December 2014: Conducted DEMENTIA WORKSHOP @ SASCO

May 2015: Lotus Eldercare Academy together with Noble Lamp Technical Co. supported Project Yangon, a social initiatives by medical students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Singapore, in their mission trip.

January 2016: Lotus Eldercare Academy signed a MOU with Asia Institution of Sciences in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in view to introduce Specialised Caregiver Training to Cambodia care givers.

April 2016: Noble Lamp Technical Co. rebranded to Golden Lotus Healthcare Training Academy, Yangon, Myanmar.  Ms Ei Ei Phyu continues to head Golden Lotus Academy as chief trainer and no change in the trainers lineup.

April 2016:  2 Public talks on Families 365: Eldercare Giving Skills organised by Ministry of Social and Family Development.

April 2016: One paper entitled: Envisioning Care giving of Tomorrow for Agency for Integrated Care 's inaugural Caregiver seminar. 

June 2016: Lotus Eldercare Academy together with Golden Lotus Training Healthcare Academy supported the 2016 edition of Project Yangon.

July 2016: Last Batch of students graduated with certificates for Lotus Eldercare Academy Specialized Care Giver Training Course with Golden Lotus.   Golden Lotus formally takes over the certification and branding for the course.  LEA continues to provide Golden Lotus Academy academic support on an ad hoc basis.

October 2016: Training session for Tech Factor Challenge on Caregiver Perspectives - ST Engineering TFC 2016 in Changi General Hospital.

November 2016: 2 Public talks on Families 365: Nutrition in the Elderly organised by Ministry of Social and Family Development.

November 2016: Public talk on Caregiver Welfare Association: Inaugural Caregiver Week - No one cares alone organised by CWA.

February 2017: Half day workshop for Ministry of Education on Dealing with Emotions Arising from Caregiving organised by CWA.

May 2017: Three separate sessions on the topic of Dementia to DBS Staff organised by Blue Oaks Health.

November 2017: 2 separate session to HSA and Sentosa on Caring for the Caregivers of Seniors, organised by CWA.

November 2017: Public forum on Diabetes on the topic of skin care, an event organised by NTUC Unity Pharmacy

March 2018: Half day workshop for doctors interested in doing housecall services, sponsored by Speedoc.

June 2018: Full day workshop on Eldercare Topics in Jamiyah Nursing Home .  Eldercare topics include - Geriatrics Care, Dementia Care, Medication Management in Elderly, and Emergency Care.

Last quarter of 2018 / First Quarter of 2019: Our book, Caring for Dependent Older Persons will be out! Here are more information of the upcoming book published by World Scientific! https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/10983

27th April 2019: Lotus Eldercare was invited by Queenstown Public Library 49th anniversary celebration. A public talk entitled: Caring for Older Adults with Dementia was scheduled as part of the celebrations of the oldest public library in Singapore!

13th July 2019: Lotus Eldercare Academy was invited to do a training workshop on "Transporting Clients with Cognitive Impairment" organized by Silveray, one of the biggest wheelchair and senior transportation companies in Singapore.

20th July 2019: Our Free online Guide: Smart Dementia Village is out! Do e mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your FREE copy!

Before and since initiation - LEA has been very actively participation in various conferences and community outreach talks. Do go to our Outreach and Conference pages to find out more!