Lotus Eldercare was invited by Queenstown Public Library 49th anniversary celebration. A public talk entitled: Caring for Older Adults with Dementia was scheduled as part of the celebrations of the oldest public library in Singapore!

We were delighted to be there and shared our knowledge on Dementia and Dementia care with the active agers. Before the session, participants went through the "HAPPY" Program, a series of exercise targeting both the mental agility and physical exercise. The talk was due for 1 hour, however after that, there were many questions from the public and we learned much from one another.

This will the first of several public talks on the topic on aging-in-place supported by National Library Board (NLB). NLB has been actively promoting continuing education for Older Adults and there are many initiatives from NLB.

Apart from Lotus Eldercare's public talks on several senior care issues, programs such as Digital Clinic, a collaboration with IMDA for teaching Older Adults how to use smartphones have been well received and extremely popular.

Online magazines targeting Older Adults like "Times of Your live" provide excellent information and articles - 



Other programs such as 

  • Interest GRoup for the 50 plus or
  • Guided Library Visits for Seniors are also excellent programs for Older Adults to learn more and have fun.

Here is the link to Programs for Senior from NLB - https://www.nlb.gov.sg/Programmes/ProgrammesforSeniors.aspx