Lotus Eldercare was honoured to be invited as the keynote speaker for the inaugural Caregiver week by Caregiver Welfare Association. We shared about the difficulties caregiver faces and some potential solutions in the complex web of long term care for our elderly.

Here is the event details: http://www.cwa.org.sg/cwa/spotlight/registration-for-caregivers-week-2016

CWA is a voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to the caring of the silver generation and the caregivers. CWA envisions to be a leading agency in caregiving for the elderly through services that enables more elders to maintain their independence. 

Lotus Eldercare shared many synergistic values with CWA and is honoured to be a partner in CWA's events.

Please do go to CWA website at http://www.cwa.org.sg/ to find out more on what they do and how you can contribute!

President of CWA Mr Kevin Aw giving an introductory speech Dr Leong Choon Kit giving a talk on Dementia