Lotus Eldercare and Wellderly was invited to attend the 2018 Edition of Healthcare Business International - Going For Growth, put together by Healthcare Business International, based in the UK. 

Dr Jit Seng Tan hosted a round table discussion on Chatbots/AI/Blockchain in healthcare and had a lively discussion with like minded individuals all across Europe. He attended the CEO meeting on the topic of Home Care providers and met home care businesses from every continent, from Mexico to Australia.

Here are the range of agendas discussed: https://hbi2018.healthcarebusinessinternational.com/agenda

Many CEOs from big healthcare institutions were sharing their expansion and investments experiences and the event was a success, with healthcare companies all across the globe taking part. It was a terrific networking event. 

Here are some pictures taken at the conference in QEII Conference Center, right opposite Westminister Abbey, London, UK.