Lotus Eldercare's founder and senior home care physician Dr Tan Jit Seng served as Chairman on the 2nd day of the event. It was an enlightening event with many excellent and knowledgeable speakers all across Asia presenting their countries' systems.

Here are more information of the event: http://claridenglobal.com/conference/community-based-healthcare-sg-2017/

About the forum:

Asia Pacific is home to over half of the world’s elderly population. According to the UNESCAP, the number of older people in the region is expected to triple from 438 million in 2010 to more than 1.26 billion by 2050. By then, nearly 8 in 10 of the world’s older population will be living in Asia Pacific. In addition, the prevalence of chronic and lifestyle diseasesin ASEAN has exacerbated the issue of population ageing. With a growing ageing society, the call for a sustainable solution that address the pressing needs of healthcare services has never been greater.

We recognised that establishing a Community-Based Healthcare tops the list in almost every ASEAN country’s National Ageing Policy. The aforementioned transformative healthcare model is instrumental in ensuring holistic and comprehensive care for the frail, grey-haired, vulnerable and underprivileged community. Nevertheless, surveys show that all levels of participants in a Community-Based Healthcare are still lacking in their understanding of community members’ needs, with many being plagued by limited resources, manpower shortage, and financial constraints when delivering healthcare services to the community.

Understanding the need to deliver a more integrated and personalised healthcare plan of tomorrow, Clariden Global cordially invites you to the inaugural ASEAN Community-Based Healthcare Forum 2017: Empowering the Care Continuum from Hospital to Homethis coming August, a global gathering of healthcare experts and thought leaders in ASEAN to better understand, adopt, and adapt Community-Based Healthcare into both urban and rural settings in ASEAN. This event is carefully researched and crafted with the most desired insights in the healthcare industry featuring trending information, challenging issues and insightful keynote sessions that will help you devise your future healthcare plan.


Here are some pictures from Day 2 of the event: