The Singapore Innovating Health is a roundtable series organised by Accenture, in partnership with TalentGrid Ventures, with the aim of driving targeted thought leadership and encouraging key industry leaders to share their aspirations and fears as we look to the future of Singapore Health through the lens of Innovation.

In Roundtable 1, held in November 2016, it was concluded that there is a resource constraint to care for our ageing population and key innovations are required to enable “ageing-in-place” for burgeoning elderly population. Please click here to view the post-event report.

In Roundtable 2, held in early March this year, it was stated that community support is the most important factor for ageing-in-place and “human touch” can never be replaced by robots/technology though the latter can help to advance independent living. Please click here to view the post-event report.

In Roundtable 3, held late June this year, we focused on and delved more deeply into the Social Needs of the seniors in Singapore. We heard from differing perspectives on ageing in Singapore, identified challenges, and discussed changes needed to deal with the difficulties faced by Seniors in Singapore. Please click here to view the post-event report.

For this Final Session, Accenture intends to provide some closure and forward-looking plans to approach the various challenges that have surfaced over the past three Roundtables, during discussions facilitated by past delegates, incorporating suggestions that they have contributed.

SIH Concluding Session wass held on 14th September 2017. It was an enjoyable event.

As of now, we have confirmed attendees from Access Health International, AIC, AWWA, Center for Seniors, KWSH, NTUC Health, PMO, Renci Hospital, SingHealth, SGH, Sree Narayana Mission Home, St. Joseph Health System, THKH, and THK Moral Charities.

Lotus Eldercare is honoured to be part of the discussion and shared some of our current projects and ideas.