Mingalar Par… (Auspiciousness to all)

I wish express my warm welcome to introduce you our Noble Lamp Specialized Caregiver training center, Myanmar.

Our Vision: Care giving is a noble job. We all need caregivers and we all can be caregivers. Without them we would hardly grow up and aged.


Our Mission: We offer the skills, knowledge and practice which necessary to take care of people those who are in need. We select and train our candidates to gain ultimate care giving skills and knowledge. Our caregivers are committed to bring care and comfort holistically to their healthcare consumers and families internationally.

Our Objectives: To support our nation and people to gain healthcare knowledge and skills by uplifting the quality individually, to create the most relevant oversea healthcare careers and to provide the opportunities to acquire world standard healthcare education.

Our location: Noble Lamp Specialized Caregiver Training Center opened on 22, April 2014 at Mingalardon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Two stories private mansion located in quiet, clean and secure environment. Fifteen minute drive from Yangon international airport and an hour drive from downtown Yangon.

Our trainees: Our candidates come from various part of Myanmar who are keen to involve in healthcare professions. Some are newly interest candidates, career switchers, and some are experienced in oversea working environments.

Our intakes: We specially selected who suit to take our course. Candidates must have high school certificate at least in Myanmar. Healthy candidates ages between 23 to 50 years are needed to pass their preliminarily entry English test. Registered young trainees have to present grantor’s signatures from their parents or guardians. We take monthly candidates up to 25 persons.

Our curriculum: Up to 168 training hours with comprehensive lab practices includes general nursing care, specialized nursing care to particular diseases, rehabilitation with both active and passive range of exercises, preparing diets, controlling communicable diseases, monitoring vital signs and blood sugar levels, prompt response to clinical emergencies and systematic recording and reporting. Moreover our trainees have privileged to learn about coping caregiver’s stress and successful living among the people with different cultures. We Reinforce with English language and basic mandarin to our trainees to get effective communication with their clients.

Our Trainers: Singapore experienced in both clinical and theories trainers, nursing degree holders and registered nurses from Myanmar and Singapore are closely monitoring and giving training to our trainees.

Our advisors: We are not standing alone. We are collaborating with reputable parties from Singapore. We are mainly supported by Lotus Elder Academy Singapore for professional educational guidelines and Care Advisor Recruitment Enterprise Singapore for potential career opportunities.

Our Trainees’ benefits: Our trainees are grantee for their suitable placement of works after their training and competent. Our trainees are awarded recognized certificates from Lotus Eldercare Academy Singapore.

Career Opportunities: We offer our graduates to get into live-in caregivers. Specially, they have more chances to join healthcare institutions as senior care assistant, health care attendant and health assistant. 

Here is the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Noble-Lamp-Training-Centre/1384389035130537